“V” is for Victory: How to get the coveted V shaped abdominal muscles

This very quick post comes from a gym conversation I overheard the other day. It’s about the “V” shape formed by the lower abdominal muscles that goes from the lower stomach to the groin. Also known as the “Adonis Belt”, this muscle group has apparently been driving women crazy since the days of the early Greeks. It is synonymous with fitness, virility and has become a coveted feature of entertainers and professional athletes (see below).

Often times this muscle group will become more prominent as you reduce your body-fat. But I will give you a workout routine that you can do to strengthen your “V” and bring it out.

RG “The Dragon”’s Adonis Belt Workout

  • Leg Raises: 4 sets X 20 reps
  • Scissor Kicks: 3 sets x count to 30 each time
  • Bent knee ups (while on a “dip stand”) or reverse crunches: 4 sets x 20 reps
  • Plank Position: Hold for 3 times until you reach failure each time
  • 10-15 minute HIIT Cardio session

Do this routine 2 x 3 times a week and as you lean out you will begin to see your “V”. Good luck and remember…

Dream Fit. Live Fit.

Entertainer “Usher” is often considered to have one of the best “V” shapes in the business.

One thought on ““V” is for Victory: How to get the coveted V shaped abdominal muscles

  1. This is one I gotta work on at home too! Keep the advice coming! I’ve tried your previous routines and they work wonders!

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